Guitar Course

Grab the essentials needed to start playing acoustic or electric guitar. You will learn an easy way to make it play faster, with a combination of instrument testing, performance process, and a basic concept of music.

For students who have long thought of taking an acoustic or electric guitar, this course will provide the basis for easy access that will make you play. When you start learning the guitar, it is important that the presentation is presented in stages, in a fun way that allows you to grasp the basics of the instrument and the music. Lessons start with just the parts of the guitar, string names, tuning, and techniques – whether finger style or choice. It also explores the basics of music theory on topics such as scales, triangles, power dynamics, and the focus on finger and shape.

By the end of this lesson, students will understand the structure, components, and materials of metal, in addition to understanding its basic storage. Electric guitarists will learn the function of their instrument and the basic options for boosting power, pedal performance, and sound. Students will learn and develop appropriate strategies and apply theoretical concepts while playing. They will have the basic knowledge needed to pursue the most advanced guitar lessons.

There are different ways people have tried and failed to learn the guitar. Human educators and YouTube seem like good choices at first, but they often lead to slower processes and more difficult results. Here you will learn in a systematic way.

Your Sacrifice Begins

Start the lesson by making a loud noise and at the end of the lesson you will turn that sound into music. We will look at different styles of music and learn to speak the language of the guitar. You will soon learn basic guitar skills and play many popular songs instantly.
Guitar Course

Trading strategies

In Study 2, you will improve your strength, speed, intelligence, and communication skills by learning how to make your fingers and hands play in quick succession. You will use our newly acquired skills by learning many riffs and licking.

Melody Maker

One of the main roles of the guitar is playing the lead. You will learn how to identify music. You will then learn how to play the songs of popular songs while applying the techniques we have developed.


In Study 4, you will continue your discovery mode. Learning the basics will make you the more perfect in the next phase, and at this stage, you will be impressing your family and friends with everything you have learned so far. We Hear the Rhythm Another key role of the guitar is to play rhythm. Here you will learn how to count on music and how this is related to the guitar. After that, you will start adding options to your chord portfolio and learn the required click patterns. Beating style There is a big difference between just playing the guitar and listening to music. In Study 6, you will research in-depth and learn many new options. You will improve and improve your clicking process faster and learn new songs.

Ukulele, Chords Glorious

You will learn how to easily identify complex options, including bar chords. Now you can be used all the chords and notes you have learned so far and as usual, you will leave this lesson able to play the best songs. The Secret at the Crossroads What if we told you that, you just need to keep playing one game to play 1000 songs? Can you believe us?

Music careers for guitarists, besides Rock Star.

Many guitarists imagine a career as a musician and dream of becoming a rock star. We are all inspired by great guitarists, who seem to have the whole world at our feet at the moment.

It’s important to remember that not everyone can make it big in music. My parents taught me that I needed a backup plan even though I thought I would be the next Eddie Van Halen.

This meant that I should be an accountant, plumber, or other professional to help me with my music dreams. Although plumbers and accountants are very respectable careers, it is ridiculous to spend your time learning how to twist pipes and crunch numbers when you want to be a musician. That was something I hated.

It’s just as stupid to try and make it a “rock star” band. Although many successful bands did everything possible to make it big, I often wonder what would have happened if they didn’t.

You should always have a backup plan. But make sure it’s something you enjoy. You can make a living as a guitarist while still pursuing your rock star dreams. Even if you don’t get the gig, you will have a solid music career that will pay you for the rest of your life.

These are some suggestions for a career as a guitarist.

1. Cover Band Guitarist
Cover bands cover famous bands’ music in public places like bars or weddings. Cover bands in high demand and can earn a lot of money may be booked months ahead.

There are some pitfalls. You have to be open to selling a bit of your soul to make it big. The most successful cover bands will play whatever the audience wants and not what they enjoy. You will need to be able to sing popular songs and adapt to the needs of your hiring manager.

Some cover bands can last for decades or even decades and still make a lot of money. Bands need to reinvent themselves to remain relevant and appealing to new audiences.

Although it’s not an easy job, there are still opportunities for money if you’re willing to endure the absurdities. It’s part of being a professional.

How do you get started?
You can improve your ability to learn songs quickly and be able to play many styles of music. To get noticed, network with other musicians. Start looking for gigs with a group of musicians!

2. Songwriter
Many of the guitarists I admire write their music. This is what I believe is essential. I can’t see myself doing this in a band or as a musician using the piece that I didn’t write.

If I knew that their songs were written by someone else, I doubt I would feel the same about Van Halen, Hendrix, Page, and Rhoads.

The sexy pop singer may not be a talented songwriter. She will need another person to write her hit songs to continue paying her bills for her mansions and limousines. This is a great way to make money, even though you might not be able to understand how someone can make it big in music.

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Other markets also require songwriters. You might write commercial jingles. You might also write the theme song of a new TV series. You might specialize in movie soundtracks.

It can be challenging to get into a business like this. You’ll need to have perseverance and thick skin to make it a career.

How do you get started?
Learn songwriting and learn to write many songs. Get a basic digital recording studio for your home and learn how to use it. This will allow you to create demos. Set up a schedule to send your work out and pitch it to different publishers.

3. Studio/Session guitarist
Studio musicians are hired to record tracks that the artist cannot perform. They can perform on entire albums or just a few songs. They may also be employed to perform live or travel with a band.

You are essentially a “gun for rent” as a studio musician. You must be a great musician but also be professional and easy-going. Much of your work will be based on someone recommending you or recognizing that you are the right person for the job. This line of work doesn’t require a rock-star attitude.

Producers are more involved in the studio than artists. High demand for a hired guitarist will be a friendly guitarist who can help the artist or band create great music over and over again. Producers will also recommend you to artists next time they need a guitarist.

How do you get started?
You must know how to use the guitar and learn to read music. Next, learn about the local music studios and the people who manage them. You might consider making business cards that you can leave at music stores and studios. You will need to start at the bottom and build your reputation.


Go to this tutorial to find out the secret of how to play them all. The mystery of the opposite will be revealed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Playing the guitar improves the grey matter in the brain resulting in improved memory power. Additionally, there is less decline in memory power with age. This is proven true by the fact that you have to memorize chords and patterns which act as a good workout for your brain.

Payment options are: Cash, UPI & Net banking

You can directly contact to the admission department team of Skillhai. Contact details:- +91 8383991243, +91 8448093513

The guitar's popularity makes it an obvious choice for many who wish to learn an instrument. And due to its popularity, there are many materials available to learn. We Skillhai provides ISO certified certification, expert trainers, extra practice classes, alternative days classes, and flexible batch timing.

Guitar course duration - 3 months

Yes, you will get certification after completion of the course.



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