Calligraphy Course

Writing is not simply a means of conveying thoughts and ideas; your handwriting can also be an important design tool. How, though, do you combine clear, artistic results by simply writing a paper? If you find yourself asking that question, you have come to the right place! Our goal is to show you how to borrow more from your handwriting and to show you both theoretical and practical principles of calligraphy course using editing calligraphy markers. Good writing! Modern calligraphy is any style of calligraphy that does not follow the basic rules of traditional calligraphy texts such as Copperplate, Spencerian, Italic, Blackletter, etc. Modern calligraphy is based on the principles of traditional calligraphy. However, it can give you more freedom to create.

Traditional scripts are made with certain tools, as well as precise step angles and angles.

Modern calligraphy on the other hand has more freedom in its operation.

Don’t get me wrong,

you can’t just write anything you want on paper and call it calligraphy.

Calligraphy Course

What tools do I need in modern calligraphy course?

Now we come to know about the basic differences between traditional calligraphy and modern calligraphy, it’s time to review some of the key things we will need.

Modern calligraphy can be done with a variety of different tools, such as

Brush pens

Classic dip pens



Broad nib pens (Parallel Pen)

Other ways of writings are:

1. Writing with a chisel nib

The chisel nib is specially designed for excellent handwriting, which works very well. The tips are shaped like ahead, which means they have a wide edge and a very small edge. Depending on how you hold the pen, you will be able to create a wide or narrow side.

2. Writing in the round nib

The nib around it is widely used. Whether it’s ballpoint pens, fineliners, pencils, or nail pens, typewriters usually have a round tip and come in all sorts of side widths. Because of its round shape, you can hold a pen no matter what you like – the side will always be the same, allowing you to easily write longer texts.

 3. It uses a chisel nib

 4. The angle of the chisel nib

The most expressive writing style is made by holding your nib at the right angle at all times. The chisel point should always be positioned at an angle of 45 °, for example, towards the base, whether you draw straight or horizontal stripes or not. This first angle should not be changed as you type.

“It’s almost like you have to stick a pin in your hand, in the right place” adds our calligraphy expert.

5. The size of your books  Another thing which we have to look on while we writing with a chisel nib are the ratio between the width of the stroke and the height of the book. You can achieve a balanced look by drawing width of four or five sides on a piece of paper, one on top of the other. Small letters such as “x” must not exceed this height. For this reason, it is a good idea to write capital letters when using a very wide chisel nib. With a small nib, you can write as little as possible.

Different writing styles

You will find all the interesting design techniques if you use different writing styles. The results will look much better. Why not choose to work with smaller letters? Alternatively, you may choose to look for a more successful font – it’s entirely up to you.

Results obtained by character classification

By changing the space between the letters, you can develop interesting decorative styles based on your type of handwriting that can be combined in an amazingly artistic way, to do this; all you need to do is write a line that connects well between each letter.

Results are achieved with uppercase letters

Special effects can also be obtained by selecting the highest or lowest x. Letters with a high x count should – and can be narrower and closer together, otherwise, the writing may look too tight. This also suggests a different, easily recognizable style of handwriting. Using new waterproof calligraphy brackets you can also write containers and decorative items made of terracotta, metal, or stone with great success. With very low x lengths, the letters and space need to increase significantly because it will be harder to read. This suggests the style of writing itself.

Calligraphy Career Opportunities

1. Calligraphy services are most famous for wedding invitation cards. Calligraphers can do amazing things, from the design page with shlokas to the inside details of the wedding and the addresses on the envelopes. Calligraphy can be done as a freelancer, or you could start your own business. You might also consider a print shop, publishing house, or wedding planner career. Your calligraphy portfolio can include wedding cards and samples of party invitation cards, business cards, birthday cards, and even name cards that you place at the tables or on the seats for guests at an event.

2. Logo designs may seem small, but they play an essential role in branding and identity. Calligraphers primarily create a logo design and branding imagery. Calligraphy is also used in hoarding, packaging design, desktop wallpapers, and graphic designing.

3. The evolution of the digital age has not diminished the beauty of manuscript design, font design, illustration, and fine arts (pen-based or computer-based). Digital media has made calligraphy, which has been around for centuries and has a rich history of its own, shinier than ever. So the demand for Calligraphy course is huge.

 The Conclusion :

These days calligraphy course is in vogue, which only makes me happy. Compared to digital text, handwriting is a unique art form, and its diversity is highly regarded.

The beautiful handwriting art should not be forgotten, and I thank everyone who supports and encourages it today.

I hope I was able to assure you that anyone can learn the art of calligraphy! All you required to do is daily practice, inspiration, and belief in yourself. And I believe in you. Good luck to you!





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Frequently Asked Questions

Calligraphy is a visual art form primarily focused on beautiful writing. Calligraphy is commonly created using specific tools such as a pointed nib, a broad-edged nib, a brush, etc. The emphasis here is on the writing aspect, meaning that the letterforms are usually executed in a single motion.

Payment options are: Cash, UPI & Net banking

You can directly contact to the admission department team of Skillhai. Contact details:- +91 8383991243, +91 8448093513

It's satisfying to create something beautiful and tangible. Calligraphy is the most highly regarded and most fundamental element of art. We Skillhai provides ISO certified certifications, different fonts of Calligraphy, expert trainers, flexible batch timing, recorded lectures, and drills for practice.

Calligraphy course duration - 1-month

Yes, you will get certification after completion of the course.

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